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BSE is Bombay Stock Exchange and was started in 1875. This is the oldest stock exchange in Asia and is the largest listed company in the world. BSE has won Golden Peacock Global CSR award for its enterprises in Corporate Social Responsibility, other award is it has won Skoch Virtual Corporation 2010 award in the BSE STAR MF category. It provides an efficient market for trading in instruments, equities and futures and options.

In BSE, many types of online services are available to investors so that they can take more benefit from these services. BSE also provides depository services by its Central Depository Services Ltd. BSE has Online Trading BLOT System for provide the securities. In stock exchanges, a index is made for find the most traders and it is mainly used in BSE exchange for display the major portals and magazines. BSE Sensex has various achievements, the first achievement was on 25th July 1990 with the figures crossing the 1000 mark.

In India no market news gives without BSE index results on newspapers and TV channels. In the world, almost 6000 BSE companies that demonstrate with both small and blue chip companies.

Among the banks, an Axis bank has on topped list in BSE index with 4.19% profit starring to the trading of 7,53,856 shares on BSE. Bombay Stock exchange has more investments than National Stock Exchange.

It also provides services to capital market which include risk management, education and market transactions. In India the location of this company is in Mumbai and Maharashtra and in this company number of listings are 5,163 as from September 2012. This is on first stage in India and second stage in the world to receive Information Security Management System. It has a global reach to the customers around the world. To obtain an ISO 9001:2000 cerification BSE is the first in the country and second exchange in the world.

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