What is nifty? How is it calculated?

In the last post, we discussed what Sensex is and how it is calculated.
Just like the Sensex which was introduced by the Bombay stock exchange, Nifty is a major stock index in India introduced by the National stock exchange.
NIFTY was coined fro the two words ‘National’ and ‘FIFTY’. The word fifty is used because; the index consists of 50 actively traded stocks from various sectors.
So the nifty index is a bit broader than the Sensex which is constructed using 30 actively traded stocks in the BSE.
The methodology for calculating the Sensex was given in our earlier post. Nifty is calculated using the same methodology adopted by the BSE in calculating the Sensex – but with three differences. They are:
The base year is taken as 1995
The base value is set to 1000
Nifty is calculated on 50 stocks actively traded in the NSE
50 top stocks are selected from 24 sectors.
The selection criteria for the 50 stocks are also similar to the methodology adopted by the Bombay stock exchange.
If you want the list of 50 stocks that have been included in the nifty,

What is the Nifty and the Sensex? What are Nifty Futures?

The Sensex and Nifty are both Indices. The Sensex, also called the BSE 30, is a stock market index of 30 well-established and financially sound companies listed on Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). The Nifty, similarly, is an indicator of the 50 top major companies on the National Stock Exchange (NSE).

The Sensex and Nifty are both indicators of market movement. If the Sensex or Nifty go up, it means that most of the stocks in India went up during the given period. If the Nifty goes down, this tells you that the stock price of most of the major stocks on the BSE have gone down.

Nifty Futures are a form of Index Futures. The previous article described what a Future is. Using this concept, we can apply this definition to clearly describe what Nifty Futures are. Nifty futures are index futures where the underlying is the S&P CNX Nifty index. Nifty Futures Contracts have three expiration dates: the near month, mid month, and far month. The expiration day for each contract is the last Thursday of every month. Nifty Futures are the most traded contracts in India.

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