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The six costly stocks that rose up to ninety 5,000% over past 15 yrs

A 5-determine number for inventory value incessantly scares away buyers. but these shares deliver big returns too. There are as a minimum six stocks that quote at over Rs 10,000 per share in the BSE universe, which have generated handsome returns for traders over the last few years.

Many investors regularly mistake such highly-priced shares for being dear on the subject of valuation. however technically, a stock turns into dear handiest when its monetary ratios like worth-to-income or worth-to-e-book value trade greater than historic averages or sectoral averages.
We looked at one of the most stocks that trade in 5 figures.

1) MRF
2) Eicher Motors
3) Bosch
4) Shree Cement
5) web page Industries
6) 3M India

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