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Hot Stock Updates, Gold Silver Rising Up & Sensex Nifty Struggling

The Commodity Market seems improving its levels and started performing better. Presently, Gold is live at 28625 with the hike of 251 points and Silver is live at 35952 with the hike of 371 points. Other Base Metals are still struggling in negative zone. IFCI has sold its 1.5 lakh shares in 3590 rupees per share. After this news the IFCI Stock took a small jump and currently trading at 24.95 with the hike of 1.84.  Price of Petrol and Diesel has been respectively hiked by Rs. 2.19/litre and 98 Paise/litre. This price hike in Pertrol and Diesel will definitely benefit the Hindustan Petroleum Corporation. Today, the HPCL stock has received the hike of 1.42%. 

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Buy IFCI above: 25 Targets: 26.25 – 27.54 – 28.87 Stoploss : 23.76
Buy HPCL above: 805.14 Targets: 811.84 – 818.98 – 826.14 Stoploss : 798.06

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