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NCDEX is National Commodity and Derivative Exchange Limited. This service is used for agriculture trading tips. It is founded on 15 december 2003. The MD and CEO of this company is Mr. R. Ramaseshan. The products of NCDEX are chana, haldi, guar gum, guar seed, mentha oil, soyabean, maize, kapas and sugar and these products will be provide on intraday basis. NCDEX is located in India and provide various facilities in 550 centers.

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NCDEX is regulated by Forward Market Commission in terms of commodities. NCDEX is subjected to various laws such as Companies Act, Stamp Act, Contract Act and Forward Act. Exchange has launched Trading Membership (TM) and Strategic Trading Cum Clearing Membership (STCM) category in November 17, 2008. The members of NCDEX can be those people which are related to individual, private limited company, public limited company and co-operative societies.

This exchange has created a dedicated Investor Grievance Cell (IGC) which receives all the complaints of clients against the members and takes them up for resolution with the member. Today’s NCDEX eases trading of 57 commodities. The main motive of this firm is to provide business services to the investors. This is only an economic good exchange in the country which is being promoted by national level institutions.

The promoters and shareholders are experienced players in their respective fields and thus are able to pool up their resources. The various shareholders of NCDEX are Canara bank, Punjab National Bank, Goldman Sachs and Capital services Ltd.

The Board of directors of NCDEX has various responsibilities like organizing, controlling, maintaining, regulating and facilitating various operations of the exchange. The Board of Directors appoints one or more executive committee for various responsibilities to handle the functioning of NCDEX. The various commodities traded at NCDEX are Agri-based commodities, Bullion based commodities, Energy based, Ferrous metals, Plastics, Non-ferrous metals.

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