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Stock market place ‘trump bump’ might also have hit a turning point

Investors are waiting for even more volatility, and potentially a fall in markets, as 2017 progresses. the vix closed thursday at 12.64. but a vix future contract expiring jan. 18 is now at 15.fifty eight, at the same time as a vix settlement expiring aug. 16 trades at 19.8.
the vix rising isn’t necessarily a signal that stock prices are approximately to fall off a cliff. buyers may also simply be buying alternatives whilst they’re cheap, says russell rhoads, director of training for the cboe alternatives institute. in the end, the vix is basically a measure of demand for alternatives. moreover, call alternative volume surged on wednesday, suggesting that investors are unusually bullish on the future financial system, however that interest should have pushed the vix upward as nicely.
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