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Strategy on Muhurat Trading- TradeIndia Research

Dear Investors,

To earn money from muhurat trading is a good chance and its come once in a year, On the 30th Oct 2016 that chance come. Most of the traders know about muhurat trading but I am glad to tell more info about benefits of Muhurat Trading provided by TradeIndia Research for any query Call at 0731-6693999.

First you have to know what is Muhurat Trading?

It is trading activity in the Indian stock market on the  optimistic occasion of Diwali (Deepawali), a big festival for people of India . Usually, it is held during evening hour and is declared by the stock market exchanges notifying traders and investors of the non-scheduled trading hour and the Sensex closes on a higher note at the ending of the trading hour. This hour is taken from Gujarati culture(dominant sect of people in Dalal Street) who do similar trading on hours of Diwali.

What Investors do on Muhurat Trading ?

Investors place token orders and buy stocks for their children, which are held for the long term and sometimes never sold. Traders normally book their intra-day profits, however small they may be.

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Muhurat Trading by TradeIndia Research

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