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Trusting the people behind technology

Thousands of Applications are released every day on both Android and iOS. Oh yes, there is a Windows Platform too. And of course the forgettable Blackberry. But what is the percentage of you finding these apps and test it whether it is of use to you and works in your region? Close to nil, if I may guess.

Most of the geo location based and Food based apps are made for specific region. Although it is free to download anywhere, it may just suck if you use it beyond its intended regions. But what is more popular are image related Apps. This includes camera, editing and creation Apps. But mostly it is used by those who are into the profession.

Now comes the real question. What is the percentage of trust you can keep on these Apps and what is the guarantee that the business will survive through your generation. One prime example is Storehouse where you could turn a collection of photos and videos into a shareable story. It is a free App and they expanded from iOS to Android – an indicator they are doing well. People put thousands of their life stories in this and suddenly comes the notice : Storehouse will be shutting down on July 15, 2016.

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