How To Get Free Cryptocurrency : The Best Tips & Tricks

How To Get Free Cryptocurrency : The Best Tips & Tricks

Free cryptocurrency! Is it interesting? Yes, it’s quite interesting. The word “FREE” can be able to create an attraction to the audience and when it will come to the crypto market, then definitely it will be 10 times more demandable as well. In this regard, the most precious question is how to get free cryptocurrency and what are the ways to earn cryptocurrency without money? This article provides you some exclusive tips to get free cryptocurrencies.

Moreover, the Fintech industry and Blockchain technology are the roots of all digital assets or cryptocurrencies. Thus, it’s a very trendy and profitable profession to deal with cryptocurrency. But if you have no investment to exchange your fiat currencies with your desired cryptocurrency, then how can you earn this? Don’t Worry!!! In this situation, you will get the top 15 easiest ways to earn free cryptocurrency with this article.

Cryptocurrency Investment! Sounds Risky???
Want to Earn Cryptocurrencies without Investment?
Sometimes it is a little bit difficult and risky to earn cryptocurrencies by exchanging your fiat currencies. In these circumstances, Are You Looking for Any Alternative Ways to Earn Cryptocurrencies? The concept of free cryptocurrency is discovered to resolve such kinds of issues.

The world is getting more forward to the digital currency system. Accordingly, cryptocurrency acts as the basement of the crypto market. On the other hand, the crypto market is completely dependent on the Fintech industry and Blockchain technology.

According to the statistical report of March 2021,

“Cryptocurrency market is the 8th largest economy and the total market capitalization is around $1.77 trillion globally.” Source

Why are you losing this remarkable opportunity only for limited capital? You can earn a certain amount of cryptocurrency which is completely FREE through following the given tips and tricks. So, let’s check it out to grab your ones.

Top 15 Ways to Earn Cryptocurrencies without Money
Now, you have reached the main substance in this article. Here, you will learn the top 15 easiest ways to get free cryptocurrency with limited capital. So, it will help you to contribute to the overall economy and your little earning may enhance the total market cap of the cryptocurrency industry.

Join Authentic Airdrops to Earn Free Crypto
Crypto airdrops is one of the well-known processes to earn free cryptocurrencies. This one is basically a crypto marketing process that can provide the way of sending any tokens or coins to the crypto wallet address for promoting these new tokens or coins. But you have to participate in authentic airdrops because you need to share your email, KYC documents, and other sensitive information in this process.

How Can I Earn Free Cryptocurrency From Airdrops?
To get free cryptocurrency from airdrops, you need to conduct some simple tasks.

First, you have to download a crypto wallet.
After that, you can invite your friends.
Further, you have to sign up through your email and need to share on Facebook, Twitter, and so on.
This one is a common process but you have to follow a proper guideline according to your selected airdrops site. There are several websites that can maintain the database of upcoming airdrops such as,, and more. If you visit these websites, you can see some authentic airdrops sites such as Binance Airdrops, BlockFi, DeFiChain, Morpher, and so on.

So, you just need to go to your preferred airdrop site and follow the step-by-step direction according to your chosen airdrops site. After completing all the activities, you can earn some free cryptocurrencies in your wallet. For example, Byteball, ARDR, NEM, and Stellar Lumens are some popular cryptocurrencies that might be earned from the airdrops process.

  1. Credit or Debit Card Rewards
    This one is the other easiest way to earn free cryptocurrency. The present world is getting more dependent on digital currencies and it is a blessing of the Fintech industry and Blockchain technology. Most significantly, you can use your credit or debit cards to complete your purchasing activities and that may offer cashback rewards in cryptocurrency.

There are various companies that can provide cashback in cryptocurrency if you complete your payment through the allowed credit or debit card. For instance, Visa Credit Card is the first credit card that offers a Bitcoin reward for each transaction. This credit card is released through the partnership of Visa and BlockFi.

Also, the Visa Debit Card is launched to provide the Bitcoin reward through the cashback process of the cardholders. In this process, the cardholders may earn around 1.5% of the cashback of each transaction automatically. After 12 months, you may earn 2% of cashback if you spend more than $50,000.

You can check out this credit card list of getting crypto rewards.

  1. Affiliate Marketing for Getting Free Crypto
    You can earn free cryptocurrencies by participating in affiliate programs. There are various crypto exchanges platforms like Binance, that allow affiliate systems and offer referral links and if you join the affiliate programs, you need to share this link with your friends and family. Also, you can share this referral link on various social platforms as well as your own website.

After sharing this referral link, you can conduct ad campaigns that will enhance the visibility of your referral link as a result, you can increase the click rate. Now, you will get a certain amount of commission to your wallet in cryptocurrency for each sign-up of your friends. Also, if they complete any transaction, you will also get a commission for each transaction.

Moreover, there is an opportunity to create a trading network through the Tiered Referral System. This process can also allow you to get a passive commission if your friend shares your referral links with others and they conduct such kinds of activities.

  1. Cryptocurrency Trading
    This one is the most well-known way to earn free cryptocurrencies but you need to apply proper strategies and have to know some techniques that will make your trading interesting and profitable. Through this process, you can buy any digital asset, and after a certain period, you can sell it for a higher price. The entire activity is conducted through cryptocurrency trading software.

There are lots of crypto trading platforms available such as Coinbase, Binance, Gemini, and so on. To start cryptocurrency trading, you need to select your preferred trading platform first. In this regard, you can check out this article that provides the top 15 crypto trading platforms. As a consequence, you can easily pick out your preferred one.

If you have enough experience and skill, then you can earn cryptocurrency through crypto trading. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to make your trading profitable and you may lose your worth. So, I do not recommend this process for newbie traders.

  1. Crypto Faucet
    This is one of the easiest ways to get free cryptocurrency because there are numerous crypto faucet websites or mobile applications that provide a small amount of cryptocurrency according to your performance of certain tasks. This is mainly a feature on some websites that provides crypto coins every second as a reward for promoting their business.
Get Free Cryptocurrency

First, you have to sign up on a faucet website. Then, you just need to do some certain tasks on this website such as watching videos, doing surveys, solving captchas, and so on. After completing these, you will get a small amount of Bitcoins or other crypto coins to your cryptocurrency wallet.

Moreover, there are various crypto faucet websites available such as Cointiply,, BTCClicks,, and more. This process can be able to hold the visitors for a long time on the faucet website that will ensure to earn better and more ad revenue. So, it will be profitable for both visitors and owners as well.

  1. Hard Fork – Split Crypto to Get It Free
    Hard forks refer to a radical change of the network protocol that can be able to make invalid blocks or transactions valid and vice-versa. The entire process is conducted in the Blockchain and cryptocurrency network.

Moreover, this process occurs when new software is updated. It is completely incompatible with the existing Blockchain protocol, as a result, it will split into two separate networks and then that is called “Hard Fork”.

When the developers conduct any update in coding for the improvement of technological changes, then there is a chance to create a hard fork. This update makes the system more competitive, cross-compatible, and better with other Blockchains.

How Can I Earn Crypto from Hard Fork?
Sometimes the community or developers can not agree to conduct the updates and they can not decide on which part they will make changes to improve their cryptocurrency project. As a result, some of them want to stick with the current version, and other groups decide to start a new update.

Though it is really unpredictable and rare to get free crypto, you can easily earn a certain amount of free cryptocurrencies to your wallet through this process. When any cryptocurrency is forked, the pre-existing holders will receive the same amount of new crypto to their wallets. So, this process can provide the opportunity to get free new cryptocurrencies.

For example, this process happens with Bitcoin, and when it is forked into Bitcoin Cash, the holders of Bitcoin have received the same amount of Bitcoin Cash. Also, the same instance has happened with Ethereum and forked into Ethereum Classic.

  1. Crypto Staking – Hold Coin & Earn Crypto
    Crypto staking is mainly the process of locking up crypto coin holding in the Blockchain network to get rewards or earn free cryptocurrencies. This one is another creative way to get free cryptocurrencies and you can get a certain amount of crypto coins to your wallet through this process. Moreover, staking helps to check the validity of each transaction on the Blockchain network.

When you check the validity of each transaction, the entire process is called “proof-of-stake” or “proof-of-work.” This process ensures transactional validity and keeps a secured network. Though this process is not completely free, you need to own some coins in your staking wallet to get free cryptocurrencies.

In this process, you have to deposit a certain amount of coins in your staking wallet to become a node. After becoming a node, you can check and approve each transaction on the Blockchain network, as a result, you will get a small amount of rewards to your wallet.

  1. Exchange Platforms to Earn Crypto
    There are some exchange platforms that offer a certain amount of rewards for signing up to their platform. According to your demand, you need to choose any cryptocurrency exchange platform, and after completing the sign-up procedure, you will get a small reward in crypto. With this process, you will get some free cryptocurrencies, and you just need to spend a little time and effort.


Coinbase is basically a crypto trading platform but you may get free cryptocurrencies whose worth is around $30 from this platform. To get free crypto from Coinbase, you need to perform some simple tasks.

First, you have to create your Coinbase account or need to sign in with your existing account.
After entering this platform, you can learn about some new crypto such as Basic Attention Token (BAT), Zcash (ZEC), 0x (ZRX) tokens, EOS (EOS), and so on.
Then, you have to watch some videos, and participate in the quiz, as well as, you have to answer all the questions correctly.
After completing such kinds of activities, you will get some rewards in your wallet.
The most significant thing is that you can learn about various kinds of new tokens. The crypto you have learned about will be stored in your wallet. So, Coinbase will automatically credit the crypto into your account, and if you learn different kinds of crypto, then you can earn these completely free.

Voyager Exchange is one of the best trading platforms for mobile traders. But it provides a smooth trading system for both desktop and mobile users. Here, you will get up to 12% interest APR. Moreover, it allows a referral system, as a result, you can share the referral link with your friends, family, and followers. According to their trading amount, you will be rewarded.

To earn free crypto from this platform, you need to give your mobile number in the required field, they will provide the installation link on your mobile, and then you can download it and install it into your mobile. After that, you can create your voyager account and start funding or trading activities.

This platform offers more than 60 cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Tether, Dogecoin, and so on. If you deposit $100 or more, you will earn around $25 BTC. Also, you will earn up to 10% interest, if you hold your cryptocurrencies in your wallet.

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